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It’s a sight that’s been greeting travelers for thousands of years.

On the MontsiĆ  plains of southern Catalonia, about a two-hour drive south of Barcelona, lies the Mar de Olivas, or Sea of Olives. Here, shielded between two small mountain ranges, in a broad dry valley near the mouth of the Ebro River, olive groves stretch as far as the eye can see. And not just any olive trees: This area hosts the largest concentration of millenary olive trees anywhere in the world.



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Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump is quickly becoming the world’s most undiplomatic — and unpredictable — diplomat.

Over the course of a week, he had a bruising telephone call with the leader of Australia, one of America’s closet allies. He complained to the Mexican President about that country’s “handling” of “tough hombres.”
Trump on Friday warned in a tweet that Iran was “playing with fire” with its ballistic missile tests, part of an emerging strategy designed to show his administration will take a much harder line with the Islamic Republic.
But his administration stuck to the tools of traditional diplomacy by using a statement from Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer to warn Israel that new Israeli settlement activity could potentially hamper the peace process, a new stance for a White House that’s remained adamant in its support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.